Author Topic: Parting thoughts for 2018 in no particular order...  (Read 894 times)

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Parting thoughts for 2018 in no particular order...
« on: November 30, 2018, 11:08:49 am »
  • Most management communication was at least grammatically correct this year, even if some of their actions were total shenanigans. For example, an instant additional fee of $100 for site electrical improvements is complete bullshit and something no self-respecting business would ever pull. Apparently, the new franchise fee that Todd Mission recently dropped on local residents was just the beginning. Smooth move, guys.

  • Maybe some people do come to TRF for art, but it doesn't mean TRF is really all that artisan-friendly. Don't confuse A with B. Or just make it easier for smaller businesses to operate here with lower fees for smaller shops that sell the fruits of their own labors. The trend seems to be big flashy buildings with tons of flashy merch. Or perhaps this is the new vision of TRF?

  • TRF is trying very hard to act all grown up, but success will remain elusive until certain characters in management start acting grown up. There is an expected level of professional conduct in a real business that was missing in certain episodes on both sides of the hall this year. If you are in TRF management, and if reading this makes you feel indignant, you probably need to examine your own recent history.  And don't even get  us started on the actual documented process of dumping vendors for any reason TRF wants, real or imagined. Please bear witness to the very long list of vendors bailing out and shops for sale. Since none of us on the TRF(WTF?) Editorial Staff are actual TRF vendors, for the life of us we can't understand how anyone would spend the money on a building with the look and feel quality TRF demands, when there is the Sword of Damocles always overhead that a contract won't be renewed and you will have to get the fuck out - without compensation if you can't sell your shop in the ridiculously short demanded interval. We're pretty sure John Q. Patron is unaware of this aspect of the happy place they visit every year, and of course we bring all this up with best intentions and in the interest of full disclosure.

  • The general look of the place is cleaner than ever. The grounds keepers and privy attendants are doing their jobs well. Gracias amigos y amigas.

  • There is still a bit of an identity crisis in progress. Is this a renaissance festival? A pleasure fair? Disneyland?  ... We mention this because the image promoted by the marketing efforts (with kings and peasants and Olde English accents) sort of clashes with the reality of the modern-looking structures, modern-looking lighting (especially the Christmas lights), batman, etc. It's almost a bait-and-switch in some minds. And pounding on participants to be "in character" will not change the reality that TRF is becoming more and more like an episode of Peabody's Improbable History.

  • The continuing tradition of vendor and entertainer favoritism is unfortunately still on and no amount of rhetorical denial by the regime will mask this. It makes for bad vibes and bad feelings. Another tenet of good business is to treat everyone equally and with respect. TRF should continue to strive for this.

  • A drama department can't be faulted for being riddled with drama, but for the love of decency, petty public tantrums and bullshit should be confined to the bubble gum tier and not at the supervisory level.  On a positive note, most of the shows this year were superb. The circus guy with the horses was a great addition. Kudos.

  • Security. Good God, security. There is a great need for a comprehensive housecleaning and rewrite of the modus operandi of the TRF security force, its policies, its mindset and its leader. The tone-deafness, the heavy-handedness and the disregard and blatant disrespect on the part of many of the officers this year toward just about everyone was appalling. Too many assholes bringing their "I'm in charge and you're not" bad-ass-cop mentality into an environment like TRF is a recipe for disaster. It's a culture clash of epic proportion that really must get fixed, or there will be a lot more seriously pissed off participants next year. Count on it.

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